p50 new fantasy

‘There is no better teacher of rough necessity than bad luck, and you will have great use of me, I promise.’

Likhko announcing herself to Mary Morevna

I have hopes for this one.

Kamloops is the hub

Random media towards several presentations and events this month…

This is my 2 minute sketch note in prep for talking to Emily about her final talk at our  Celebration of Learning next week.

We being the Kamloops Hub Region for farmtoschoolbc.ca 


√ Kids at the centre table with all they bring to it

**** feeling honoured, eager to learn more & fired up to share what they know and cook up together******

Emily will share a wealth of examples from the Edible Garden Project for some inspiration


Hubs: it’s us along with the lower mainland, and the capital region. Many more hubs around this land to come though…because together we are demonstrating how funding a hub helps to grow and connect communities.

Here’s Logan Lake laying it down:  how to do garden to belly, all delicious, kicking out the jams, food in school-

The video for Skeetch-  a total kid creation- with guidance from grade 5-7 teacher, Farm to School Program Lead, Maureen Zutz & me.  The children introduce themselves in the video.  You will be glad to meet and learn with them, trust me:)

Big thanks to Harry for editing.

I love gardening with you, mom xo





Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Awakening | New Republic

There are hints throughout her work that she was amused to discover that all the flattery she’d received from her father had been a kind of control…

Bemused by gallantry

we hear our mediocrities over-praised
indolence read as abnegation
slattern thought styled intuition
every lapse forgiven

our crime only to cast too bold a shadow
or smash the mold straight off

Source: Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Awakening | New Republic