An EGP Daily Create contribution from Emily

We’re wrapping up another season, and saying ‘so long’ to three amazing young women. We’ve done our best to thank and honour the time, energy, and passion they’ve poured into their work with the EGP since March as volunteer practicum students. Yet, as I sit down with them over a tea (or beer) to discuss the season and glean their final thoughts and feedback I am lost for words to articulate what their participation means to me. The same goes for all our volunteers, partners, staff, advisors, and everyone else involved.
Perhaps it all boils down to something as simple as relief. The relief I experience when I get to work alongside people that I can see care as deeply as I do. The relief that parts the seas of anxiety and fear to make way for the hope and inspiration that keep me moving forward. I am grateful to work and learn alongside these amazing people, and grateful they choose to spend their time sharing with us.

photo: north shore barley, 2012

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