Bite sized interviews- a daily create challenge

In my evaluation work for the Edible Garden Project I get the chance to interview and learn from people who work, volunteer, advise and participate in the gardens, at the farm, around policy tables and in partner organizations. It’s their words that we reflect on and that I feature in reports so that they can be repurposed in proposals, media stories, presentations etc.

The EGP has embraced experimenting, reflecting and sharing their learnings as a core practice. This year the staff is experimenting with how to integrate this gathering and storytelling into the flow of their work throughout the year. Wintertime is when we can look back over the work, glean for patterns, themes and insights and shape it all into stories to share with the community.

This is why my EGP friends posted some daily creates, small, bite-sized observations from their work.

So EGP’ers here’s another experiment to try out at some point:

See if you can mix-up the daily create format with bite-sized interviews of people you interact with in the course of your work. Ask one open-ended question and try to glean a quote to share in a daily create. Of course, if you participant is willing, this might be a quote in the form of an audio or video clip.

Anything you post will show up here:

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