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 This was a creation of the Table Matters group during our 2014 Strategic Planning process. We started by telling the story of Table Matters so far.

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The Table Matters Story

Once upon a time in a beautiful city, nestled into the mountains on the shores of the Pacific ocean, there was a community of people who loved to eat. They wanted to keep eating together long into the future. This is the story of how they ensured they would.



Add in activities, accomplishments and personal anecdotes. Have fun!:

Before Table Matters 2005-7

2005-6 The whole process got started when the Community Food Action Initiative announced as part of the Healthy Eating component of ActNow BC[1]. The purpose of this Initiative is to increase food security in BC.
Read more Table Matters “pre-history”.

Year 1. 2008

Harvest Project Food Recovery Program expanded

The Edible Garden Project geared up- Heather Johnstone leads.

Year 2: 2009

Forum table matters 2009.jpg
October 21- Feeding the Future public forum with Michael Ableman

Michael started the Center for Urban Agriculture when he ran the pioneering Fairview Gardens farm in Goletas, California– a producing farm in the heart of suburbia. He is a blunt and outspoken critic of our current food systems and a leader in alternative ways of growing and distributing food, especially within an urban environment.
Planning Committee: Heather Johnstone, Margaret Broughton, Melissa Evanson, Margaret Broughton, Ann Gillespie

October 23- First Table Matters Event

Facilitated by Jamie Myrah, Canadian Cancer Society
Planning Committee:
Margaret Broughton, VCH Nutritionist; Sally de la Rue Brown, Envirofood Counsulting; Nora Gambioli, West Vancouver resident; Heather Johnstone, Edible Garden Project; Jamie Myrah, Community Capacity Facilitator (BCHLA); Derek Pace, Harvest Project; Breann Specht, Community Developer; Kathy Romses, VCH Community Dietitian; Jean Thompson, VCH Community Developer, Wendy Muir, Cheryl Kathler, Julie Rudd, Stacy Beresavac, Caroline Jackson, Tricia Andrew, Wendy Mendes, Carolyn Stock, Mary Tasi
Panel – Ron Plowright, Devorah Kahn, and Arzeen Hamir

Advancing Urban Agriculture Project Briefs- descriptions of funded projects.

Year 3: 2010

2010 Table Matters Forum
November 5 from 1:30 – 5:30pm at the West Vancouver Community Centre.
“Agricultural Urbanism: Great Food System Opportunities for the North Shore”
Facilitated by Charles Holmes
Speaker: Mark Holland, HB Lanarc, North Shore Mayors
Planning committee: Julie Rudd, Cristina Rucci, Heather Johnstone, Emily Jubenvil, Andrew Van Helm, Margaret Broughton
Karen Wickerson, Jean Thompson, Colleen Huskison

Kaleen McNamara’s Study
Residents of the District of North Vancouver are invited to give their input on the potential use of public land for growing food in their own neighbourhoods.
The following link is to a survey being conducted as part of a summer internship with Vancouver Coastal Health and in consultation with the District of North Vancouver. This survey seeks to understand residents’ interest in growing and purchasing local food and opinions about using public land for community gardens. Results will be presented to the District to help inform future policy decisions and therefore, all opinions are welcome.

Year 4: 2011

Friday, October 28th — 12:30 to 5:00 pm at the Chief Joe Mathias Centre

Keira: I took my son Harry (then 9 years old) to the forum. He’s an out-loud thinker so I got him sketching his ideas to direct a little of his energy. He was really inspired listening to Scott Rowe talk about food recovery. During the break-out sessions we talked with Cease Wyss of the Harmony Gardens. She gave us a bunch of sunflower seeds from the garden. Afterward Harry wrote a blog post for his school garden blog: Harry Reports from Table Matters and offered a package of seeds to the first 5 commenters. It went viral amongst a few of our friends. Those seeds that Cease gave me have been grown now in gardens all over North America. Jason was the first commenter on Harry’s post. This year I’m waiting for more seeds from Alan who has been growing them in Arizona and following along as other friends grow and share the seeds, like Zack in California

Year 5: 2012


Year 6: 2013


Year 7: 2014

Website updated: Table Updated

From the Ground Up: North Shore Table Matters Network Plants Seeds for Change

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