EGP Wiki: Branches

 This wiki was created by and for an EGP Strategic Planning sesssion circa 2010
These are the main branches of EGP activity- actual and potential- that Heather has identified.

  • When you imagine the EGP 3-5 years from now, what do you see?
  • What new streams of activity, program ideas?
  • What experiments from the past year or so do you think show potential and demand further exploration?
  • Do you have program ideas that don’t seem to fit within these program areas?

Bring your ideas to the session where we will reflect on and discuss them together. We’ll take a few more minutes in the session for some solo reflection before workshopping them in small groups.


  • Fed Up school programs
  • Garden Smart workshops
  • Group Gardening sessions
  • Partnership with cooking education organization(s) – to include safe storage of foods grown
  • Education of the very young including hands on gardening to build the interest early

Access to food

  • Produce donation and distribution
  • pocket markets in lower income/lower access to food area
  • programming to increase access to food in areas at risk (?neighbourhoods)
  • food markets across the NS regardless of income levels of surrounding residents. The rich may be able to support the poorer areas in some way

Access to land

  • community gardens
  • access to land on boulevards, traffic circles, school yards, parks i.e. wherever there is land available that is not being used for fruit and veggie gardening
  • social housing/ stratas
  • Balcony or gardening ‘vertically’
  • Sharing Backyards

Urban Agriculture

  • Policy (i.e. stratas,
  • Ecourbia
  • urban farms
  • policy support at Federal and Provincial levels as well as municipal levels
  • Involement in helping guide POLICY development that encourages urban ag within municipal boundaries (all kinds, not just veggies)

Environmental Sustainability

  • transforming operations at NSNH?
  • infusing NSNH programming; other non-profits also?

Citizen Participation

  • social entrepreneurship
  • mentoring
  • leadership development
  • guerilla gardening – i.e. everyone involved
  • build true partnerships among ALL those organizations and individuals interested in food security. A working coalition is essential; we cannot have competition among local agencies for funding, participation, etc.

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