20 years of the KFPC

Tonight is Annual General Meeting of the Kamloops Food Policy Council and this AGM also marks our 20th anniversary, making it one of the first food policy councils in Canada.

I’ll not be there which is a major bummer because the KFPC, in particular the open network meetings every month, is where I met the rich circle of colleagues and friends I get to work with in my new town. All of us who come to the network meetings are engaged in projects, programs, research, policy development and activism on the ground- work that in someway furthers the the principals of food sovereignty. I’d love to be celebrating with you all!

It was about a year ago I was out for a “walk and talk” with Laura Kalina, co-chair of the KFPC board and one of the founders of the council.  She radiate and amplifies our energy and extends the reach of what we do well beyond our individual projects and organizational work. I said “the KFPC network is my community here’.  If that felt true then, it’s exponentially moreso now after a year of growing work and friendships.

I look forward to hearing some of the stories shared tonight, reflecting and celebrating on the last 20 years of work. Guess I’ll just have to live with missing what promises to be an epic potluck.


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