Home Garden Encore

A new home garden in downtown Kamloops. I’m wandering about, looking around, getting to know my weeds. I’m excited to see old friends I rely on for daily medicine. Dandelion of course. There’s a small patch of Chickweed. I’ve never been up close and personal with Lamb’s Quarters but happy to commence grazing. There’s the scrawniest, most unthreatening Bindweed/Morning Glory I ever have seen. Hardly the invasive evil, choking threat coastal gardeners get their knickers in a knot over. (I started out a-scared of Morning Glory 20 odd years ago in Nanaimo, however it’s not the boss of me anymore: we came to an agreement during my Vancouver years.)

It’s dry as a bone out here and a good section of the back yard is just dirt. The corner where the weeds are lush is where I’ll start planting. I’m going to resist the sheet-mulch though. I don’t think the thick barrier of cardboard is really necessary here. Instead I’ve started burying my compost in trenches, like I did when I lived in the desert in Mexico. I never did plant a garden there but plants showed up and made themselves at home while I fed the soil.

I picked up a pile of mulch to layer over the soil on top of these trenches- it was going to seed Borage and Wooly Lamb’s Ears mostly, from a gardening gig last week. Both pollinator super-stars I welcome in all my gardens. I’ll likely buy a bale of straw or something to get me through until the leaves fall from my neighbour’s gorgeous big shade tree. I might just throw some kale etc seeds down under a light mulch before I head away again. Can’t imagine they’ll survive without water through August. Or rather, I guess I can imagine it, so why not try?

Growing soil

The only plant I have from my Vancouver garden is a pot of Sweetgrass, via Robin orginally and Jill who dug me up a bit. Starting over with blessings.

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