EGP Storytime…The 2013 Evaluation Project

Feux / Fire

To the EGP staff: The Annual Evaluation Process: why?…

This is some explanation on why in this year’s Edible Garden Project Evaluation process we are focusing on stories. There’s also daily prep work to get ready for our working session, Monday November 18th, 2013.

**UPDATE** Staff’s bite-size posts they created in response to the prep work:

Pull up a log, time to share stories around the fire. It’s ok, you can put all the organizational processes you need to grow your work in a big kettle; strategic planning, evaluations, communications, fundraising, professional development, meetings and so on. It’s ok to mix them up. They all include stories.

Add in all the presentations and conversations- with volunteers, interns, each other, Neighbourhood House staff, the steering committee, other non-profits,  community groups,  funders, politicians and public servants,  the business community, the media. They’ll want data and measures of various kinds too of course,  but their responses to your stories will guide you there too.

Since 2008, once the harvest is in, we have taken  time to discover, share and reflect on stories from the last year in the EGP community. Whether its been in strategic planning documents, internal evaluations, benchmarking reports, or the Growth Report we’ve also documented these stories so they can be shared and repurposed.

What’s different this year? This is the year of staff changes.  There’s no one storyteller, nor could one person capture the complexity and potential of all that’s unfolded.

There’s also a new website on the way, which offers the opportunity to experiment, create and share more of the flow of your work, to experiment with a myriad of digital storytelling possibilities and how those approaches might feed into your venues for sharing.

There’s the Growth Report, our version of a print annual report and the opportunity to to grow this into a collaborative, living document that shares your accomplishments as well as your vision for whats to come.

In this hands-on storytelling learning party we’ll:

  • share the history  of the annual EGP evaluation process
  • discover and share stories that reflect your learning,  community achievements, challenges and visions
  •  experiment with digital storytelling and explore the potential of the new EGP website
  • participate fully as the creative team for the annual  Growth Report

Agenda: Monday, November 18th 9-1pm

1. Evaluating or learning?
The deep history of the EGP’s annual reflection and dialogue shinding.

2. Growing stories
Growing the stories of the EGP through small acts of daily creation. We’ll share and discuss your daily creates (part of your prep work) and explore how these feed your planning, communications and evaluation cycles and what it means to “narrate your work”. We’ll also look for themes and patterns to guide us in the creation of the Growth Report.

3. Weaving the web
Exploring the possibilities for sharing on the new EGP website and beyond.

4. Growth Report
The EGP staff don their creative production team hats and start blueprinting out this year’sGrowth Report.

But wait! Have some fun with these activities to help you get ready for our working session together.

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