Farm to School Kamloops Hub 2015

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Community Animator

Identify community and school strengths, build, link and amplify them to bring more local food, hands-on learning and community connections to our schools.


  • Form a steering committee
  • Establish communication systems and build the network- one networking event.
  • Support development of 8 new programs
  • Plan for hub sustainability
  • Report & share progress


Vision going into this meeting:

Support 4 new programs in Kamloops and seed collaborations with programs, projects here today.

Share and celebrate stories from these collaborations via the KFPC website, and beyond.

Create a menu of hands-on learning experiences as well as sources and connections to local food that SD73 schools can access directly. Start to build a bank of guides who can can lead and support hands-on learning in schools.

To collaborate with the Gleaning Abundance Program to host an event that brings schools and community partners together. This needs to support and celebrate schools

To widen this circle with more potential community, farmer partners.

Share more food!