Home Garden Encore

A new home garden in downtown Kamloops. I’m wandering about, looking around, getting to know my weeds. I’m excited to see old friends I rely on for daily medicine. Dandelion of course. There’s a small patch of Chickweed. I’ve never been up close and personal with Lamb’s Quarters but happy to commence grazing. There’s the … Continue reading Home Garden Encore

20 years of the KFPC

Tonight is Annual General Meeting of the Kamloops Food Policy Council and this AGM also marks our 20th anniversary, making it one of the first food policy councils in Canada. I’ll not be there which is a major bummer because the KFPC, in particular the open network meetings every month, is where I met the … Continue reading 20 years of the KFPC

The Fungus Among Us

Sandra from the Gleaning Abundance Project suggests: “Have you thought about schools growing mushrooms? They can be grown during the winter and used for pizza, soup, etc. What a good basis for some lessons on fungi! There is (of course) a Facebook group dedicated to that – Kamloops Edible Mushroom Cultivators.” (I wish I could … Continue reading The Fungus Among Us

EGP Wiki: Values

This wiki was created for an EGP strategic planning check-in circa 2011. Staff and steering committee had identified their core values through a series of activities and reflections and were now considering project possiblities for the upcoming year according to those values.   Values EGP values: criteria for new programs Collaborative: Does this project provide … Continue reading EGP Wiki: Values