Naomi’s hard-core

Before Hurricane Katrina there were 5 charter schools (where public money goes to fund private schools, often for profit) and 120 public schools in New Orleans. Now there are 30 public schools and 40 charter schools. The right wing think tanks in the U.S. pounce when disaster strikes at a dizzying speed ready to rationalize the changes they want to make to concentrate power.

Jessie passed on this link today of Naomi Klein’s speech at the CCPA (my favourite thinktank). She’s a kick-ass, hard-core thinker and I feel very sympathetic to her mother-in-law who would like to see her go into politics. (I’d happily link to Michelle Landsberg’s quote in the Sept 1/07 feature article in the Globe and Mail but they won’t let you see it unless you pay.)

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The land is shaping us too

I rode back to Vancouver with three women who were teaching (a great class on fermentation) and learning at the Sustainable Living Arts School in Robert’s Creek, BC.

It’s a great privilege to hear people’s first time reactions to a learning experience I’ve come to love, especially as I head into programming workshops in Vancouver. Cedena, (I’m making up spelling here) along with Paris and Andrea, cooked us a fabulous lunch before Andrea’s fermentation workshop, then she and Paris headed over to Peter Light’s for his “On the Ground” workshop. So she got to hang out in two very different gardens. “Their land is very different but somehow perfectly expresses who they are.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

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The soil lives

This is an encouraging development that suggests a way forward for other environmental groups: concentrate on the immediate health implications of destructive land use practices. It’s difficult to prove of course. We don’t think in terms of ecosystems. Strict causal relationships are difficult to pull out and there’s a frenzy of smart people dedicated to … Continue reading The soil lives