Sustainable Living Arts School

A school dedicated to reviving, sharing, reinventing and celebrating skills and traditions for living abundantly and joyfully. Check out the archive of our work.

The late, great Robin Wheeler started the Sustainable Living Arts School¬† to share her and her neighbour’s learnings from the land in and around Robert’s Creek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I was agitating for more practical permaculture education in smaller doses on the vanpermaculture list,¬† something I could attend with my preschooler. Robin responded with the “Practical Permaculture Weekend” and I showed up with Harry, then 3 (and ready to roar.)

When I stumbled into a free ‘donations for the teacher, gratefully accepted’ seaweed foraging workshop in Vancouver, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. Andrew Rushmere’s M.Ed project on experiential, ecological and place-based learning, “The Free Folk School” seeded my own series of learning parties in Vancouver.

Together we guided and grew a vibrant learning community of curators, teachers, hosts (community organizations and individuals) and learners. We cultivated partnerships with Langara Continuing Studie and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and many other community organizations. We connected and shared on the web and got together for hands-on learning parties in the kitchens, backyards and community gardens across the city.


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