The Edible Garden Project

I’ve guided annual organizational development projects for the Edible Garden Project at the North Shore Neighbourhood House since 2008 including strategic plans, evaluations, communications, fundraising,  web strategy and staff development.

All of these projects and processes are opportunities to listen and share the stories that have emerged over the past year. This year (2015) I’m guiding Emily Jubenvil, the EGP’s Manager,  in fundraising strategy. As always, we are developing strategy via a hands-on project.

Some artifacts from past projects:

Storytime: the 2013 evaluation project We worked together to tell the stories staff wanted to share about their work, culminating in their annual Growth Report. After three years of creating a print version of the Growth Report, the EGP now focuses their storytelling via their new website. (Yeah!) Here’s some of the staff’s experiments with bite-size posts.

EGP Wiki– Back when wiki’s were the fastest way to create and share on the web, we used them as a way to experiment with online collaboration and storytelling during our annual projects. (Love how this story about the early years of the EGP came together.) It’s great to look back and see how ideas and values shared in strategic planning sessions years ago have come to life. Or how some simple suggestions of how to  transform meetings from rote ‘updates’ to rich conversations were seeded.

Growth Reports– the EGP’s annual reports:



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